Mono-Amine builds here a bridge between the past and the future of the label with this new release, by aiming towards a more global Industrial sound and getting rid of the sub-genres confinement and therefore the illusory schemas of the human mind.

One can feel Mono-Amine’s different roots and influences, subtly diluted and mixed during the four tracks of this Stratification EP. A perfect illustration is the 2 part track “Invaded Silence” : as the part 1 has clearly a more hardcorish color, the second clearly part ways with it to freely explore more noizy fields. “Liberties” and “Trying to Free your Mind” inscribe themselves in the continuity of Mono-Amine’s sound, to quote the Artist himself : “dark, distorted, layered, straight in your face and with a sick fresh kind of groove”.


Mono-Amine is an adventurous, intense industrial / hardcore-noisish electronic music project and live-act from Joost G, based in The Haque (NL). He’s been releasing 12inches and albums on various recognised labels and in different so called ‘scenes’ since 2004. The last full album releases have been on Vendetta music USA and Ant-Zen Germany. Mono-Amine is electronic warfare and is not meant and aimed to be understood by everyone. With his (live)music, he explodes the boundaries between noisecore, experimental, hard-breaks and industrial tekno”. 

released September 22, 2015 

Produced by Joost Gransjean 
Mastered by Eric Van Wonterghem 
Artwork and design by Neverquiet & Billy S.

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