We are glad to present the debut of OUDEIS on Agnost1k Records. This full concept CD is the first one of a special series 2017 which is dedicated to promote the physical value of a musical release into a more and more digital world.

To support this vision, THEOREMA OF REALITY is released into a unique handmade collector box, which will be limited to 50 copies.

These boxes were imagined by our team and manufactured by regional craftsmen, including a social company. This view of high quality and proximity product will be, from now on, our main goal in a way to give a sense and a future to the passionate work of our Artists.

Therefore, we proudly present OUDEIS from the deep border of Estonia. He delivers here, with his full album, a straight travel into various atmospheres which gave us a point of view of our global and current reality. His understanding for various styles from industrial to dubstep let him play with many influences throughout all the 13 tracks of his album. He also brings deep atmospheres and melody to a wide range of rhythms. This sound travel will let you stroll into your imagination.

This album is definitely a great piece of art because of all the deep and hard emotions it can express, a real and true THEROMA OF REALITY.

Artist bio :

Oudeis is a music project that doesn’t concentrate on one single genre. Instead, it is about exploring all the various electronic music genres existing at the moment. Before Oudeis became a thing, there was a project called APJ which concentrated on industrial and breakcore'ish sounds. The reason for that was that APJ had worked in an industrial setting for a few years, hearing and learning all the various sounds the machines produce. The music created at that time was raw and unprofessional in every way and APJ existed only briefly, and then Oudeis was born.

Released March 07, 2017 

Produced by Artjom Jurov (OUDEIS)

Mastered by Eric Van Wonterghem (PRODAM BERLIN)

Artwork designed by Kudlar Leemen

BOX designed by Billy S. (Christophe C.)

Video and pictures released by ERID

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Silver Edition, limited to 50 numbered copies. Designed by our team and manufactured with our local craftsmen in partnership with  a social company who support handicap in switzerland.