Seminarists - The Agnost1k Era

This project merges a wide range of existing industrial music, produced by worldwide seminarists issued from different sub-genres, here gathered to open the mind of the listener and explore new soundscape territories. A new Agnostik Era… 

01 Act α : Demanufacturer - Volcano 
02 Act β : Futur Dynamic - Anachronism 
03 Act γ : Billy S. & Ak-Industry - Mechanic Sin 
04 Act δ : Fiend - Agony, Evil, Darkness 
05 Act ε : Desolation - Noitalosed 
06 Act ζ : Embrionyc - Just Another Noisy Loop 
07 Act η : Mono-Amine - Mental Monologue 
08 Act θ : Synaptic Memories - Magnetix 
09 Act ι : Iszoloscope - Eternal and absolute moral nighttime 
10 Act κ : Sarin Assault - The Bass 
11 Act λ : The Relic - The 41st Millennium 
12 Act μ : The Peoples Republic of Europe - Course Oblivion 
13 Act Ω : Billy S. - Closing Chapter 

The 13 Seminarists conceptors of this project deliver here an alternative dynamic of Industrial sound, combining the best of each their own musical environment. 

After this album, that Agnostik Era will shape a formula of unlimited knowledge and chaos, a new cycle of yet unexpressed creativity, dedicated to merge the different currents of the industrial genre.

All the Agnostik Crew, want to say thanks to all the artists involve in this project. And thanks to fans for their support !

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