Agnost1k New Era Podcast 01


LISTEN TO IT HERE : AGNOST1K NEW ERA PODCAST 01 - TRACKLIST 01. Sacerdos Vigilia - The Battle 02. Dep Affect - Atomichron 03. Ak Industry & Billy S - Mechanical Sin 04. Xotox - Tanzdiktat 05. Alter Der Ruine - Martyr 06. Moleculez & Embrionyc - Vengeance 07. W.a.s.t.e. vs Re-con - Your Penish 08. Mindwalker - All The Colors Of Darkness 09. Sarin Assault - The Bass 10. Zanthrax - Dark By Nature (Replica by Sound Abuse) 11. Ophidian - Insects 12. The Wishmaster feat. Life Runs Red - Tales From The White Widow 13. Synaptic Memories - Magnetix 14. Synaptic Memories & Dep Affect - Complex Systems

INTERVIEW - SYNAPTIC MEMORIES 1. So guys, you are one of the Seminar1st on our Agnost1k new album with your track “Magnetix”. What is your favorite track on this album and why ? Every single Seminar1st did a great personal interpretation, it’s difficult to choose one. Great release so far ! 2. This album is dedicated to merge the different currents of the industrial genre. What does « industrial music » mean for you ? Good question… Industrial have a lot of branches, you can speak about it in Power Electronics…Rythmic Noise…Ebm/Aggrotech…Idm…Hardcore…Techno…Metal… Great variety of styles. We think of it more as a container to describe some kind of sound…Rude, dark, mechanic. 3. How do you see the future for these industrial styles ? Hope them to gain in popularity, the scene is good but very confidential. 4. For our « industrial listeners » around here, which specific labels and artists would you recommend ? Meta4, Dark.Descent, Third Movement, Genosha, Motormouth and Industrial Strength are a good labels to discover some great industrial hardcore and technoid artists…And of course Agnost1k. We recommend Ant-Zen, Tympanik Audio, Pronoize and Metropolis for experimental, avant-garde and Harsh Ebm. Cold Meat Industry, Malignant, Crucial Blast and Cold Spring for Martial/Death Industrial, Power Electronics/Noise and Dark Ambient. 5. Finally, tell us more about your future projects ? We have a lot of new stuff in progress (solo and collabs). Soon will be out on Motormouth in collaboration with Dep Affect and Tripped. A Meta4 EP is on its way with Sacerdos Vigilia and a remix on another big label, but can’t tell much more right now. At the moment, we are focused on the collab EP with Onesimk, on some solo tracks and planning new collabs too.

released July 10, 2015 Mixed by Synaptic Memories

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