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So, as a new artist on Agnost1k we want to discover a bit more aboute your artistic universe and about you last full album THEOREMA OF REALITY. If we start about the biginning, where are you come from, and how/why did you begin to creat your own music ?

Im from Estonia, currently living in Tallinn. I've always been fascinated / mesmerized by music. It started off with listening to all of my fathers vinyls he had. Then later on he taught me how to play the guitar. From then on I started composing simple, melodic tunes just for fun. Later on, years later when I went to college, I met some interesting people that introduced me to IDM, industrial, noise, ambient and other genres (mostly electronic music). So I thought why not try and create electronic music myself. It started off with a project that I dubbed « APJ » (my initials). It was a project that concentrated on exploration. It was back then that I attempted to make breakcore, industrial and ambient for the first time. APJ didn't exist very long, I felt the need to concentrate on Industrial (or it should be called post-industrial) music. In a sense, music creation, is a way for me to channel my thoughts and feelings through a medium I find to be the most appropriate one.

picture by : Kadri Sammel

How did Oudeis project happened ?

Oudeis was born right after the project called APJ was thrown aside. Initially Oudeis was an industrial-only project. After some time I started exploring different sounds again, but didnt bother coming up with a different name for this adventure. So now we have this « jack of all trades » project. However Democide is a side-project that is entirely about techno and hopefully I will keep it that way.

What was your vision of Theorema of reality when you started working on this album ?

My idea was to make a set of tracks that at least through their titles would incite contemplation on reality and escapism. That's why there are tracks called Demobilization and De-militarisation, and also tracks like Embers and The Grey Area. On one side its about real, perhaps global, problems in general and on the other side, personal issues. And there's also a tinge of shamanic vibes in it, as an allusion to a spiritual theme.

What’s your favorite track on the album, and why ?

My favourite has to be « Corporeal ». First of all in a technical sense, because there is a slowly progressing melody that none the less can be heard in it's entirety. It brings about a melancholic sensation, which I consider a realistic one.

You are a very productive artist in many styles, when do you usually produce music ? what is your current workflow ?

Yes, for a while now I've been producing too much stuff. It is subsiding now. I'm taking steps to prevent this overproductive MO. Technically speaking, most of the work is done at night or very early in the morning. I also tinker with tracks in the evenings as well, but don't make any serious changes to them, just some minor adjustments.

As for the workflow I would say the most important ingredient is the element of randomness / chaos in my tracks. There is always at least one feature in the track that has been randomized somehow.

Picture by : Kadri Sammel

How’s the scene and the possibilities in your country for an artist like you ?

For someone like me, if we consider everything I make, there is no such scene. But we have a small Industrial / Rhythmic Noise scene, there are events where even ambient is played, and experimental stuff is somewhat welcome as well. But since I haven't limited myself to only one genre, I'm probably not taken seriously by any of those scenes. Concentration on one single genre is stagnation, as my friend told me once, worse than death.

What can we expect from OUDEIS in the future ?

I will probably keep re-inventing the wheel. Go through the list of genres to explore again and again, and maybe create something good in the process. As for physical releases, there is one in the oven, a re-release of a digital album. And I'm collaborating with a couple of people, creating specific tracks for future compilations.

Who’s your favorite artists ? Or who inspire you a lot ?

I quite often find myself listening to techno in one room on and noise music in the other one. As for names, I guess techno artists are a big influence on me (Ansome, ORPHX, etc.). But there is stuff like contemporary symphonic music (Ligeti, Schnittke, Schoenberg and so on), and then ethnic/folk music of the middle-east and far-east for instance (arabic, georgian)

Pictures by : Kadri Sammel

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