AGN ERA 04 - Alpha Phase

AGN ERA 04 - Alpha Phase We are glad to present Future Dynamics, a new collaboration project composed by the three Agnost1k founders: Ak-Industry, Billy S. and ERID. After a few years of studio collaborations in the shadows between them, they decide to achieve and design a whole experimental concept together, which will be presented with two new digital EP’s following the AGN ERA series. This first EP, named ALPHA PHASE, concretized a need to merge their different music background around a new common musical vision. The trio delivers 5 rhythmic tracks balanced between distorted sounds and deep cinematic ambient filed which will drive your listening journey into a new environment experience. The initial desire of the label to combine different styles in order to explore new industrial territories is fully assumed in this new project. The second EP, which will be released soon, will complete the audio frame with a more electro-experimental orientation.

Previews : HERE

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